What does plastic technology and plastic processing have to do with art?

Les Levine, an Irish sculptor, once put it this way:

"In order to create something artistic out of plastic, one has to consider and understand the nature of this material, its social applications and its manufacturing possibilities."

It is precisely in this context and understanding that our fascination for plastic as a material is founded upon. Given its form and function, plastic is just the right material to meet the demands for product solutions that are unique in their identity and aesthetic appearance. There are endless design possibilities – which makes it simple to find a solution to even the most challenging and unique product ideas!

We see our role as the impulse- and pacesetters of sophisticated design and individual solutions.

Our competence in the development of product features as well as in the creation of tool concepts, process stabilization, precision in injection molding and the application of value-adding specialty techniques all relay trust and security. It’s always fun when you have constructive cooperation!

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